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The Benefits of a Recruitment Agency in Providing Interview Coaching

So you’ve filled out all the applications, and now you have a BIG interview scheduled. How do you make sure to nail it? Keep reading!

Have you ever gone through an interview, and thought you did well – but didn’t hear back? The problem with interviewing is that you can be doing the wrong things and never know it! Learn how the right coach can help you identify gaps and interview with confidence.

Recruiters Do More Than Recruit

Recruitment agencies really have two customers – the candidate and the employer. Recruiters are basically matchmakers – evaluating characteristics to make that perfect pairing. They have a vested interest in making sure you interview well!

You see, an interview is a little like the first date – the time when you want to be your best, say the right things, and make a personal connection with your potential employer that is memorable (in a good way).

Who better to be your career coach than the matchmakers themselves, am I right?

Understanding the Job Landscape

Recruiters understand the job market better than anyone else, including characteristics like regional fluctuations around the country, demand for niche professions, and salary ranges. Because of this insider information, recruitment agencies understand your level of competition when securing your dream job.

  • Recruiters have had conversations with their client companies about their needs, and they know what qualities you need to highlight to meet those exact needs.

  • Recruiters are trained to look beyond the obvious to find qualified candidates. Do you have important skills that relate to this job, even though it is a career move for you?

  • Recruiters are well-schooled on employment law and can make sure you don’t discuss off-limit subjects that could potentially hurt your chances.

  • Are you ready to move up the ladder? Recruiters can help you highlight the leadership and management skills that will benefit you most.

The Questions Don’t Matter – Your Response Does

You will encounter interviewers who like to throw in quirky questions – i.e. “What is your favorite animal and why….”, Then there are those who like to stick to the same old “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and “Tell me about your biggest weakness” questions - and everything in between.

Did you know that great interviewees know the best ways to transform these questions into the talking points they want to cover?

You see, just answering the questions is not going to set you apart from everyone else. It will be an average, not-too-memorable first date. However, learning to answer the questions uniquely and add new information that the interviewer needs and wants – THAT is the good stuff.

A good recruiter can coach you through mock interviews, strengthening your replies each time and boosting your confidence.

Time to Nail That Interview

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Ascend Consulting and Recruiting prides itself in helping job seekers not only find a position in their field – but the dream job they have been working toward.

Ascend has a track record of working with Fortune 500 companies in many different industries, making our recruiters very knowledgeable about what interviewers are looking for. Contact us to join one of our dream sessions today!

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